Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wow, has it truly been over 2wks since my last blog?

Sorry ladies and gentlemen, I have taken a little vacation without knowing it and got a little more involved with that darn Twitter account. I tell you, it's a full time job keeping up with all the airline folk out there twit-twit-twittering away about my love of aviation.

There have been lots of interesting news this past week:
British Airways and Iberia agreeing on a combined company 

London arrests a UAL Pilot for being drunk before a flight to Chicago.  
Iberia's Flight Attendants striking for better wages.
Delta Airlines engine fire in Atlanta grounded flight.
Flight Attendants get same FMLA as 9-5 jobs.
Couple jailed after stealing bags at PHX Sky Harbor Airport
US Airways Flight Attendants to picket  PHX airport for better wages
AA Flight Attendants to hold "Mock Strike" at select AA hub airports

I think the one that gets my vote for the worst is:
Woman drives into Aquarium at TPA

Just a crazy week around the world of aviation if you ask me. I think I'll have to start taking my camera with me again and take pictures of my endeavors and start posting about them. However, that just might not be a good idea, I'm often too critical of my passengers, especially when they don't act the way I would expect them to.

Another thing I'll have to start doing is writing down when either one of my fellow flight attendants act up, or when a passenger does something funny or weird so I can blog about it and let you know.  I know at some point I'll have to post a picture of a Business Class seat that was literally trashed by a Business Class passenger.  I truly amazes me how people leave their area messier than when they found it, yet are the same ones who complain that the airplanes are filthy. Alas, I'll have to leave that for another night.