Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sorry been so absent

Over the past two months, there really hasn't been anything to talk about. I don't know how these daily bloggers are able to come up with witty things to say day in and day out. I can barely come up with something every few months.

Not much has really happened in my life. I had vacation last month for two weeks, but due to lack of funds, I didn't do anything. It was actually very nice to just be at home and enjoy going out to dinner with friends then going to the bar afterwords. The 19 Bar in Minneapolis is a great place to meet up with great friends. Even though I really like the Saloon bar, I have become to like the 19 Bar because the drinks are much, much cheaper. Some of my other friends like the Saloon because it's more 'trendy', but the 'home' atmosphere, great bartenders really make it fun and exciting. Did I mention the drinks were cheap?

Since my last post, I've been following the Toyota Recall regarding accelerator problems. It was thought to be linked to either a stuck pedal due to floor mats, or just a stuck pedal. Well, the latest news is showcasing that even after Toyota has fixed the recalled parts, they are now looking at the electronics associated with the pedal and accelerating.

My car has had no issues...yet. I do know that when I bought my 1994 Pontiac Grand Am in 1994, I was driving down a stretch of highway where the car just took off on it's own. I did what we were taught to do in Driving 101, put the car in neutral and pull off the side of the road. It just appears that people have forgotten the basics in how to drive. I'm sure it's going to be a while before Toyota knows exactly what's going on, but considering the relatively low number of deaths, or situations vs. the number of cars they have recall, they are doing an outstanding job.

I was able to finish last month with two great trips. I was able to enjoy some sunshine on the beach of Miami (even if it was for just a little over an hour) but it was nice to get outside in short sleeves.

I even had a seagull come by and check me out. I guess he thought I had food since I had a coffee cup with me and wanted to scavenge a bit. It was kinda funny though. It made me remember a family vacation in 1997 where my entire family had gotten together and went to Atlantic City, NJ.

We were enjoying ourselves on the beach, had just gotten some food out when a seagull swoops down and steals a sandwich out of my dads hand. It was funny because he had spent all morning making the sandwiches, and knew how devilish the birds were, and just forgot how bold they could be. It really made us laugh at the situation, definitely makes for great memories not just of the vacation, but my dad as well.

I am so excited for July 17th! I finally bought tickets for DCI Minnesota and they arrived at the house this past week. I was a little disappointed that I wasn't able to get the upper deck, but we will be between the 45 yard lines and will be watching this all day event at the TCF Stadium at the University of Minnesota. I'm not sure if anyone else is as excited in the event (who's going with me) as I am, or if they will want to be there for the entire day. I plan on watching every single corps, especially since this is a major event for all the corps. Kinda makes me wonder if any of the corps will be adding some of their new closers for this show since it's directly in the middle of the summer. Well, to think of it, I guess it is a bit early for new can hope, right?

Well, that's it for now. I can't think of anything else to gab on about. I may be doing more updates this month since I'm on Reserve, but don't hold your breath!

Until next time,