Saturday, July 27, 2013

Looking for good news in next couple of days

Been a while since I've written a post, just trying to stay under the radar with so many things going on. This past week I had an interview down at headquarters for a new position. Hopefully I'll know something early part of next week if I got the position.

Other news: my niece got married in May, and my nephew will be renewing his vows with his wife in September. It's been a very busy summer for the Nebraska Valentines (my brothers family) and I'll hopefully be seeing my youngest nephew next week in Minneapolis.

Drum corps season is well underway, and it's been a very interesting year. The top 3 corps are really battling it out switching places it seems every night, while the 4th-6th corps are very close to each other as well. Seven through twelve is very tight too, but in their own rights. I truly hope that DCi crowns a new winner this year, but it truly must be deserved without a shadow of a doubt. Personally, I'm not 100% sold on the top seeded corps, but they seem to be selling their show extremely well to the judges, and that's all the matters.

One corps has been climbing strong, and could finally be a contender for the top 3 spots in the next few weeks. It would be great to see them win since its been over 20yrs since their last trophy.

I'm finally flying some Europe trips, and have been enjoying working with these great crews. Would be great to be able to hold these trips all the time. Thankfully, my company has been hiring and seniority has been inching higher and higher. (Feels good after being stagnate for so long)

Not much else has been happening, just hopes this update finds everyone well.