Friday, January 31, 2014

Do you purchase Duty Free while traveling abroad?

New TSA Liquid, Aerosol and Gel (LAG) Directive for Duty Free Purchases on flights arriving the U.S.

Changes Effective January 31, 2014
Flyers who travel internationally into the United States with a connecting flight will now be able to clear security with Duty Free LAGs more than 3.4 ounces (100ml), provided the items are in Secure Tamper Evident Bag (STEB) with a receipt reflecting the purchase was made within 48 hours.  
Here’s what you need to know:
·        Customers purchasing LAGs at duty free airport locations need to request STEBs from the duty free vendor. STEBs are not available onboard for items purchased at the airport
·        Onboard LAG duty free purchases must always be secured in a STEB if the customer is connecting in the U.S. Please request a STEB  at time of purchase
·        STEBs must remain sealed and be presented to the TSA when the customer clears the security check point
·        TSA has the right to open & inspect STEBs at security check points
·        LAGs in opaque and metallic containers as well as those not secured in a STEB must continue to be placed in checked luggage prior to customer’s clearing security
Staring January 31, 2014, on all International flights departing or arriving the U.S.:
Duty Free Service
After your airline serves (dinner / lunch / brunch), your flight attendants will be in the aisle offering their airlines duty free service.  Take a look at the duty free catalog in your seat pocket and let them know as they come by if they can show you anything. Remember, their supplies are limited onboard, so for the best selection, let them know at your earliest convenience if you would like to make a purchase.
STEB Flights Arriving into International Destinations (continue)
If you purchase duty free items that contain liquids, gels or aerosols, flight attendants will be happy to seal these items in an approved bag at the time of purchase that you can take through security if you have a connecting flight in the U.S.  Always keep the bag sealed until you reach your final destination.
STEB Flights Arriving into the U.S. (continue)
If your duty free items contain liquids, gels or aerosols have opaque or metallic containers, they cannot be sealed in the approved bags.  Please be aware that if you have these items and will be making a connecting flight in the U.S., you will need to place these items in your checked luggage after you clear customs. These items cannot be taken through security as carry-on luggage.