Friday, October 19, 2012

American Airlines will be hiring

After 11 years, looks like one of the legacy carriers is finally going to be hiring for Flight Attendants.

After another type of scare tactic of up to 2,500 possible layoffs during contract negotiations, the airline was able to get over 2,200 Flight Attendants to take an early out to retirement.

With that, American just announced that come November 5th, they will be opening up their website and will be looking for 1,500-2,000 new hires in the next year.

Interviews would start sometime in December, with the first class starting in January, then approximately 45 new hires per class, a new class would be starting every Monday there after.

This is great news, however many are concerned that both the Union and airline mislead their members, similar to the possibility of an earlier bankruptcy in 2003, if they didn't take this early out and retire.

Whether it was a scare tactic, or a way to get the most Senior flight attendants to retire, those still flying are finally able to slightly move up the seniority ranks after a 11 year stall.