Monday, April 8, 2013

2013 Outstanding Employee

For many years now, we have seen the different plaques on the planes acknowledging a wide range of people for their outstanding contribution to the airline. Whether it's a Flight Attendant, Pilot, Mechanic, Agent, someone in Reservations, or even a group/station for significantly improving their job.

In the past, I have been selected to join a group of employees to have lunch with one of the airlines Vice Presidents. It was a great honor to say the least, and also to be part of one of our turn-around plans and being on a committee to improve our Customer Satisfaction scores when I was based in New York City.

For the the past year and a half, I have been based in Miami, flying mostly Caribbean flying. So, it cam as a surprise when I found out my Miami manager selected me one of Miami's Outstanding Employee for 2012. Of nearly 3,000 Flight Attendants in Miami, only 24 were selected for this prestigious award, and I was one of them.

I didn't know what the complete process was, but after being selected, I understood it was a rigorous process where other managers and the base manager sit down and go over performance records on all the selected individuals. They look at attendance records, customer letters, peer letters, etc. 

Those who were selected were invited to attend an Award Ceremony, where a lovely reception was to follow.  The Vice President of Flight Service was in attendance, along with Miami's managing force for Flight Service.

The ceremony was quick and efficient. We soon found out that all of our plaques would be on the airlines 777-200 planes. I soon found out that my plaque would be on nose # 7AD (picture at left). The great thing I can do in our computer, is look up the routes 'my' plane is flying.  (right now, it's currently doing some light maintenance in Dallas) This aircraft is also the fourth 777 that American Airlines acquired. also gives me a little more info on the airplane too!

Next time you're flying overseas, or on American's 777-200 airplane, be sure to look for my plaque!

Honored to be an American Airlines Flight Attendant,
Purser  Sluggo