Monday, July 13, 2015

DCI Minnesota - July 11, 2015

Very hard to believe that it's been over seven months since my last blog...yet, here we are seven months later.

It has truly been a pretty busy seven months...Jan-Mar, I was down in Phoenix helping with my airlines Merger Integration training, then back to flying Apr-present.

It's been a very interesting summer for Drum Corps, as many corps are really pushing the envelope for new pageantry. It's nice to see some new corps reaching the top spot at different contest shows, and after the first regional, an undefeated corps had finally been de-throwned, albeit for a night.

I didn't take a lot of pictures this year, however it was great to run into some old friends I haven't seen in over 20 years. A friend who marched along side me who yelled out "Sluggo" in the middle of a crazy, busy mezzanine at TCF Bank Stadium at the University of Minnesota.

We palled around, chatted, and caught up quickly, feeling like it hasn't been over 20 years since we last saw each other or marched next to one another.

After watching The Cavaliers horn-line warm up, and before settling into our respective seats for the rest of the evening,  we were walking again in the stadium mezzanine and I saw a gentleman whom I've followed since I started marching.

Mr. Steve Vickers, who is an editor and publisher since 1973 (first as editor and then owner and publisher since 1974) of Drum Corps World.  Steve Vickers led Drum Corps World to be a primary way of getting information disseminated throughout the drum corps activity. Through Vickers' leadership, every drum corps show - no matter how big or small - received coverage. It was truly an honor to chat with him for a brief moment, and for him to ask about my blog.

After I let him back roaming the mezzanine during the break, another familiar face came into view of whom I hadn't seen since my marching days.

Mr. Tim Salzman, who was our Brass Caption head, was running around and watching the different corps. So of course we just HAD to chat with Tim and catch up.

Unfortunately for this year, I wasn't as prepared as years past with a charged phone and/or camera as I had just flown in from London, England earlier in the day. As beautiful of a day it was, my heart was getting back to Chicago, then home to Minneapolis so I could watch as much of the drum corps contest I could. 

I really wasn't too late, as this was the first regional show, not all corps were performing. Since I was running around with my friend, I didn't get the chance to see some of the early corps, but I was able to go to the Cavalier buses as they were pulling into the truck lot, chat with some familiar faces, and meet my Cavalier initiate who I had the honor of talking to before the season started. Even though it was a brief he had to get going for warm-up, it was nice to finally put a face to the name. (sadly, I didn't get a picture of us...but he did get a picture of us after the show)

I was able to watch Phantom Regiment, The Cavaliers, Carolina Crown, Santa Clara Vanguard, The Cadets, and the Blue Devils. Each show was just as unique as the other.

As I said before, I didn't get many pictures of the corps as my phone and camera both died, however I was able to get The Cavaliers on the starting line.

It was an awesome show, and wonderful time to see what the corps has been producing. Each young man that I chatted with from the corps, was so gracious that I took the time and talked with them. I was more than honored that a few of them even knew who I was and called me by my name. (I know I didn't know many alumni when I marched, so it truly was an honor when the current drum major said hi to me)

Sorry there isn't more detail about the shows, or the corps. I felt I just had to get something in writing and let everyone know I'm still alive and well!

Until next time,