Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sluggo's heading to London!

Tomorrow, I'll be flying to NYC to work my JFK-SFO trip on Saturday, then working the red-eye flight back to JFK that night. Once I get back to NYC, I'll then be flying to ORD to meet up with a couple of my friends to head to London for a day.

My good friend, who is a Purser out of ORD, is working the flight to London, and I'll be staying with him once I get there. I'm glad we didn't go during the Royal Wedding as it would have been hectic and busy, however I'm excited to be going back to London because it's been a few years since my last visit.

On this visit, it won't only be he and I, my friend is taking his partner too, so it will be the three of us running around London trying to stay out of trouble.

I'm not exactly sure what we'll be visiting, maybe head back to The Tower of London and check out King Henry's armor, or maybe go and visit The London Dungeon where they showcase how they use to torture those bad-bad people. (I remember visiting that when I first visited London back in '94...very cool)

I'd be ok with visiting some new places we haven't been yet. It is always a treat to watch the Changing of the Guard (I tear up watching the marching band go by) but we could go to G-A-Y, or Knightsbridge, Harrad's, or who knows where. I'll leave it up to my friend as he is often tired when working the trip in, but he's such a great tour guide. If I remember on one trip, we ended up going all the way to Vauxhall where we had fun bar-hopping. So many options to choose from, in so little time.

It is a shame that the bars near the hotel are no longer what they use to be. There were two gay bars within walking distance that were actually a LOT of fun, but they are now straight bars.

Well, keep an eye out for another update with where we went. Maybe I'll post my whole experience from boarding, in-flight food/movies, landing, customs, running around London, and the return experience! 

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