Saturday, August 20, 2011

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Hard to believe that ESPNs College Football is gearing up for another exciting season already. Seems like we just finished watching the NCAA Championships, (as well as the Super Bowl for the NFL). Having never been to college, I never really got into the games until I was in the Air Force and a few of us would get together every Saturday to watch the University of Michigan Wolverines dominate someone.

If it wasn't it wasn't Michigan, then we'd watch Penn State University Nittany Lions dominate. Can't forget the Fighting Irish at Notre Dame, they were (and still are) a dominance in College football and always a treat to watch.

Being from Virginia, I always kept track of the Virginia Tech Hokies, The University of Virginia Cavaliers, and the James Madison University Bulldogs. My mom always loved it when Tech would beat the Cavaliers because she worked for an Orthodontist who was a die hard Virginia Cavalier. (at least I think it was the Cavaliers....been so long)

I still keep track of my home state teams, however living the past 15 years in Minnesota, I've now become a fan of the University of Minnesota Gophers. They've had their ups and downs just like the rest, but this state really seems to get behind them completely.

I did want to become a Badger at University of Wisconsin, not for football, but for their Music program. They really have an awesome program, as well as a top notch football team. I think it's funny that my 2nd brother and his family are diehard Cornhuskers for the University of Nebraska. They really dress up to the hilt in Husker outfits and red to support their team.

Another great team that I remember from growing up, besides the Virginia teams, was the West Virginia Mountaineers. They had a very good team and was always one of the top contenders in College Football.

When I was in the Air Force, I did follow the Fighting Sioux from North Dakota University. They played hard, but always came up short on the rosters I felt. Even though I never went to a game in North Dakota (too cold) I always rooted for them when they were in playing at home.

I still love to watch College Football. I often think it's more exciting to watch College football than it is professional football. Maybe it's because the players in the pro-teams get paid too much money to run around a football field, while those at the College level are going to school in between games.

So with that, I'm ready to hopefully be home on a Saturday afternoon, watching a bit of Football, drinking some cold beer and rooting for my favorite team(s)!

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