Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 ends, 2013 starts!

Hard to believe that 2012 is now at a close. It feels like just yesterday we were saying the same thing about 2011...but here we are, getting ready to reign in a New Year.

What happened this year that made it go by so fast for me? January was my annual recurrent training for work (which I will be going to next month. Man, I have to really study the new evacuation commands) I know it started with another awesome trip to Puerto Vallarta in March, followed by a visit back home in Virginia visiting family and friends, while enjoying the Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival in May.

June ended with beautiful weather for Minneapolis Pride, followed by outstanding performances by various Drum & Bugle Corps for the DCI Minnesota Drum & Bugle contest.  July-August I had a very bad cold which kept me from flying for nearly a month. In September, was able to enjoy the MN State Fair with friends, and for flying I was able to go to several new destinations which I really enjoyed working to in Brazil, but mostly my flying kept me in the confines of the Caribbean.

November was (in my opinion) a huge success in Politics. Thankfully President Obama was re-elected and the VOTE-NO on the marriage amendment (defining marriage between man and woman) here in Minnesota won. This, as well as three other states saying Who cares in who marries, as long as they are happy.

Over-all, I had some amazing crews I worked with, and on occasion, some pretty amazing passengers too. I did help in save a life to one of our passengers which just goes with the territory, but of course, it was soon over-shadowed by the craziness of the holiday travelers demanding to not have their over-sized bags checked at the door when it wouldn't fit in the bag sizer.

Sadly, I ended this year with a bout of flu, thankfully, I was able to spend the holiday with great friends who invited me to share their time with their families. I was able to enjoy a day with one of my siblings before having a lovely dinner with his family and friends.

I'm very amazed at how quickly this year has gone by. I just hope that at some point, I will be able to stop and smell the roses....well, maybe I'll have a chance to do that during my nieces wedding in May.

Until next time,

Happy New Year!

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