Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Travel Safety

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As we come to the 10th Anniversary of the tragic events of 9/11/01, Air Travel Safety and Security are the primary concerns of the majority of air travelers. I've compiled these tips to help keep you, as well as those with you, informed of your surroundings.
Personal Safety
 ·   Don't be a victim. Be alert, be confident, be prepared by knowing a route to safety. photo Travel Safety
 ·   Avoid wearing conspicuous jewelry. Wear appropriate clothes to locale.
 ·  Use your head. Keep to well lit areas and avoid walking near questionable characters alone.
 ·  Don't be afraid to create a scene - Yell "FIRE" or "NO", then get away.
 ·  Leave valuables at home or hotel safety deposit box.
Keep documents safe. Don't be careless - make copies of pertinent papers; i.e., passport, visas, driver's license, company ID, credit cards.
 ·  Do not draw attention to yourself by displaying large amounts of cash or expensive jewelry.


 ·   Tag all luggage. Use your name and business address, but do not use your business card. photo Travel Safety
 ·   Keep your luggage locked and never leave it unattended.
 ·  Drive to the nearest open business for help, or drive to a police or fire station if being followed.
 ·  Avoid using public transportation, such as the subway or bus. If you must use this type of transportation, select a busy, well-lit stop. Travel with a companion, if possible.
 ·  If driving, travel in well-lit streets, avoid back roads.
 ·  Keep doors locked at all times.
 ·  Do not park your car on the street overnight; use a parking garage or lot. Lock your car and remove the keys. Leave nothing in the car.
 ·  Have your keys ready to unlock the car door and enter without delay.

Hotel Safety

 ·   Don't open your door to strangers. If someone claims to be an employee, call the front desk to verify their identity and their purpose for entering your room. photo Travel Safety
 ·   Don't invite strangers to your room.
 ·  Keep valuables in the hotel safe deposit box.
 ·  Be observant and look around when entering and exiting parking lots. If you're returning to your room late in the evening, use the hotel's main entrance.
 ·  Close all doors and windows securely. Use all locking devices provided. Always keep the door closed and locked when you're in the room.
 ·  Keep your room keys well protected and out of sight in public areas.
 ·  If you lose or misplace your key, notify the front desk immediately.
 ·  Don't leave luggage or any other valuables in your vehicle. They're safer in your room.
 ·  Immediately report any suspicious activity, of any kind, to the management.
 ·  Locate all the fire exits, elevators and public phones.
 ·  Leave the television or radio on when you leave the room.
 ·  Do not place the "require maid service" sign on your door. It may signal that you are out of the room.
 ·  Avoid riding alone in elevators with strangers. Ask the hotel desk for an escort or ride when there are more people on the elevator.

Bike, Walk, or Jog
 ·   Always bring along enough money and change for a taxi fare or telephone call. photo Travel Safety
 ·   Stay alert to surroundings and be watchful of possible surveillance.
 ·  Have a trusted companion join you in these activities whenever possible.
 ·  Choose a route in advance that is safe and well-traveled.
 ·  Continually plan and look for "safe havens" while in route.
 ·  Avoid these activities at night.  

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