Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What happens when there is Civil Unrest at your layover?

Speaker graphicWhen any kind of threat exists at airline locations and the possibility that this threat will interfere with the airline's ability to provide secure, on time, and comfortable transportation services it is necessary and appropriate to conduct security analysis based on the following:

  • Obtain information on aggressive activity of extremist groups against national or US targets.

  • Ascertain the nature of political relation between the United States and the country of concern.

  • Verify the capability of local Law Enforcement and Airport Authorities

  • Evaluate the capability of contract security companies, crew hotel security and local transportation security

  • Communicate with Corporate Security Departments of other U.S. Carriers as to their knowledge or information regarding the country of concern 
Keeping informed of what is happening could save you and your crew-members from a potential threat. Keep in mind, it may be a while before your airline will get a hold of you. Always be sure when signing in to your hotel, your name is clearly readable for the hotel staff in case your airline needs to contact you about security issues. (this could also help in case your outbound flight is delayed)

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